Barcelona Guide: the city in the open

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe is Barcelona. On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it is a city that can offer much, from interesting and spectacular museums to a cosmopolitan city with a very active nightlife. We present this Barcelona Guide for you to discover the city and start falling in love.

In Barcelona you can find a fabulous world with great art exhibitors such as Gaudí, Miró, Picasso, Dalí. Just taking a stroll through its charming streets is enough to fall in love with this city.

Spectacular museums that show the history of the city. Beautiful parks and beautiful beaches on the shores of the Mediterranean. A fantastic and very modern nightlife contrasting with a beautiful and ancient architecture.

An avant-garde and modern city that attracts thousands of tourists every year to Spain. It is a city that for the 1992 Olympic Games was renovated.

Barcelona has an excellent gastronomy, you can find delicious local dishes, as well as international and fusion dishes.

At night you can visit bars, discos and clubs where you will find a lot of fun. And if you want to go shopping, Barcelona is the ideal place to do it. You'll find luxury stores, big brands, young fashion and much more.

Barcelona is a cultural city, you can visit famous museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Chocolate, the Museum of Science, and so on. There are several monuments to visit, markets, buildings and much more.

Barcelona is a very interesting city where boredom has no place. It is ideal for living, visiting for holidays or just for tourism. It has excellent services, accommodation, restaurants, shops, everything you are looking for.


Barcelona Guide: a stroll through the city


Places to visit in Barcelona

In Barcelona you have many places to visit, admire the beautiful architecture is a very pleasant experience. You will find fantastic architectural works such as those created by Gaudí, the pioneer in this area in Spain and Europe.

His works show how great he was with colors, textures and movements. Gaudí took modernism all over Europe, starting in Barcelona.

If you arrive in Barcelona, you must visit Casa Vicens, Casa Calvet, Casa Milá and their most important work in all of Barcelona, the Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Familia, in addition to many of their other works.

Another of the most famous places you can see in Barcelona is the FC Barcelona Stadium, the Camp Nou. This stadium is a paradise for the football fan, you can stroll through its facilities, the stands, the players' changing rooms, the FC Barcelona museum, a specialised shop and much more.

La Boquería Market can show you why Mediterranean cuisine is so famous, and it is because of its ingredients that it is the best.

The Gala Salvador Dalí Foundation gives you the opportunity to learn all about this great artist and his works. And at the Miró Foundation you can enjoy Joan Miró's masterpieces. Not only can you enjoy his works, but also an exceptional view of the city of Barcelona.

One of the most famous museums is located in Barcelona, and this is the Museum of Contemporary Art. It's a museum that has works from the second half of the twentieth century. You can find very interesting exhibitions on some occasions.

There are many places to visit in Barcelona. Whether you are on holiday or want to settle there, you will find a beautiful and interesting city. From ancient sites like Casa Vicens to very modern sites like Cine Imax, which has an ultra special projection system.


Excellent Gastronomy

Mediterranean gastronomy is famous all over the world. In the city of Barcelona you can find delicious dishes from the region, international dishes and fusion cuisine.

The mixture of mountain and sea is something spectacular, with ingredients of the best quality you can find. There are several restaurants where you can enjoy excellent dishes at very different costs. There's something for everyone.

Among the typical dishes recognized in the area is the famous Pan con Tomate, a delicious bread spread with tomato, olive oil and salt. It's everyone's favorite, both for locals and tourists.

Barcelona City Guide

Barcelona Guide with Cat Real Estate Relocation

Another very tasty dish is the Catalan Roast Chicken, which is a typical Sunday meal to share with the family. And you can't miss the exquisite Calamares a la Romana, which you find as tapas or as an aperitif before the famous Paella.

And for dessert, try the super famous Crema Catalana, one of the typical and delicious desserts of the city of Barcelona. This cream has the tradition that you must break with a spoon the caramelized layer that covers it.

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Nightlife in Barcelona

In the city of Barcelona you can find many places to have fun, if you are one of the people who like night parties, there you will not get bored in any way.

Barcelona has excellent bars, clubs and discotheques that you can visit and spend a spectacular night.

You can't miss the flamenco shows, but you have to book your tickets in advance, as they are sold out very quickly. You can also go for tapas with friends or family and get to know the excellent gastronomy of the city, as well as a fun walk through the old town of Barcelona.

There are other very interesting places that you can enjoy in the nights Barcelonesas, like the Paseo Marítimo, where you can delight with the best discotheques in front of the beach.

You can even buy a VIP pass for the clubs, so you avoid queues at the entrance.

Barcelona is a city that knows how to have fun, you won't have any problems when you go out for a party, since the different night attractions have easy access through public transport.

You can easily get to any pub, bar, discotheque, etc. and live the experience of an excellent party night. The costs are very varied, so you can find the one that best suits your budget.

Among the most famous discotheques are Shôko, which has a restaurant facing the sea with Mediterranean cuisine and Asian fusion, also becoming a nightclub.

Another famous discotheque you should visit is CatWalk, an exclusive club that has 3 different atmospheres, among which there is one with a view of the sea. And with fabulous international DJ's, lounge bar and restaurant you'll find Opium, which also has a spectacular décor.

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Transportation in Barcelona

Getting around in Barcelona is quite simple. Whether you're going to work or partying, you can find the most suitable means of transport at all times. Barcelona has an excellent public transport system in which you can move anywhere.

Something very interesting that you will find in Barcelona is that with the same ticket you can use different means of transport. The metro, tram, bus and railway of the Generalitat, you can travel in them with a single ticket.

The most popular means of transport is the Barcelona Metro. It has 12 lines, of which 7 are adapted for people with 100% reduced mobility. More than 146 kilometers with 180 stations run throughout the city.

But if you want to use a bus, that's another excellent option. You can even use the Nitbus, which is a night bus route, so you can get to the main night sights without complications.

The best thing that has happened in Barcelona with the bus system is that they restructured it. Now it's much more efficient and you don't have to wait long for stops.

You can calculate your route in advance, as each stop indicates the waiting time for each unit.

Another means of transport that was detained for a long time is the tram. There are two tram lines. One of them can connect with towns near Barcelona, and on the other line you can make excellent tours throughout the city.

It is the ideal complement for the bus and the subway. Through the tram you can reach spectacular sites such as the Barcelona Zoo, the Glories shopping centre and the Forum Park. The timetable of the tram is different from that of the metro and the bus, but the ticket is the same.


Shopping in Barcelona

If you go on holiday to Barcelona take extra space for your shopping. Barcelona has shops of all kinds and the best prices throughout Spain. If you're going for a walk in Barcelona, there's nothing better than shopping for therapy to complement your day.

Shopping in Barcelona is a fantastic experience. You will find a wide variety of shops and shopping centres that can satisfy all tastes.

One of the most popular places to shop is La Rambla, a street full of shops that are hundreds of years old.

You can also find kiosks with beautiful flowers, craft shops, street vendors, living statues. It is a street full of life, color and emotion, very busy by tourists visiting the city of Barcelona.

In Plaza Cataluña you will find the mega shops of well-known brands such as Zara, Desigual, Apple. The most luxurious and modern side can be found in Paseo de Gracia, where you can find exclusive and glamorous shops such as Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera or Prada.

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