At this point, renewable energy is the only long-term sustainable alternative to meet the world's energy needs. Let's see what benefits it can bring to domestic consumers.

Who doesn't know about green energy now? Who hasn't heard about its advantages for our planet? They are the basis of the energy transition. Changing the current model of energy production based on fossil fuels will ensure that the energy needs of the world's population are met and, more importantly, the health of the planet will not be sacrificed.

Since the Frenchman Alexandre Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect in 1838, then in 1883, Charles Fritts developed the first photovoltaic cell (also known as solar cells, whose function is to convert light energy into electrical energy) a long time has passed. Today, solar energy has become one of the most important sources of green energy in the world, and we work every day to develop new developments to duplicate its application.


Solar, wind, hydroelectric energy

... They are the most famous green energy sources, and perhaps the most widely used energy sources.

For example, in our country, according to the latest monthly energy announcement issued by the Spanish Energy Company, in the installed electricity structure in the peninsula, the proportion of renewable energy is higher by 53.4%, while the proportion of non-renewable energy the renewable energy is 46.6%.

This is a very remarkable fact, and because consumers are increasingly aware of their concern for the earth, green energy is gradually taking a place in energy production. Let's see what this means for consumers.

Currently, consumers can sign green energy contracts with electric companies that provide 100% renewable energy.

The main benefit of this formula is that consumers can save money by choosing green energy from inexhaustible natural resources. Secondly, and very importantly, there is the sustainable contribution to the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

By consuming green energy, in addition to taking care of your economy and the entire planet, you are also boosting the job opportunities generated by the sector. If you meet the International Renewable Energy Agency's forecast, it will reach 40 million job opportunities by 2050.

Another profitability that green energies bring is that we avoid energy dependence on other countries by generating the necessary amount from renewable resources to cover our own needs.

In addition to consuming energy in contracts signed with renewable energy companies, another more beneficial alternative method for users is self-consumption. By generating only the energy we need, we can save a lot of money because we avoid all the taxes that are currently levied on regular electricity bills.


How to contract green energy for my house?

As you may already know, there are many electricity companies nowadays, there are two markets, free and regulated, these two markets have obvious differences in energy contracting.

There are many companies that provide 100% renewable energy, but which one should you choose? To perform this task you need to use a fast and intuitive online tool, such as an energy comparator.

The energy comparator will quickly show you a list of green energy companies that best suit your needs.



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