The heating system is especially suitable for use in winter and is the best option for our home has a comfortable and pleasantspace.

However, sometimes choosing between all the heating possibilities available to us can complicate the decision to choose the heating system that best suits you. That is why today you will want to know what aspects should be taken into account when determining an ideal home heating system, what advantages and disadvantages each system may have and what uses it may provide.

First of all, you might think a priori that all heating systems can adapt well to your home, but if you stop to think, the climate in a cold zone will be different from the climate in a temperate zone, just as it is not the same if you put the heating in one or all the rooms in the home.

Also consider the size of your home and each room; the time you usually spend in it, and of course, the budget for installing the heating, the cost of maintaining the heating, or whether you are willing to make any necessary renovations to your home.

Therefore, once you have considered all these aspects, the next step is to opt for the heating type depending on the type of fuel needed to provide the heat. You can choose from several types. Read on:


  • Gas radiators: At present they are the most widely used. The corresponding natural gas is used to heat water by means of a condensing boiler, this same boiler distributes the heat to different places in the house in a uniform way by means of a radiator through an internal circuit.


This is not an expensive system on the bill and will produce low levels of CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions. However, its installation requires higher costs than traditional boilers.

  • Underfloor heating: This heating unit is very suitable for solar energy and is the one that consumes the least. In addition, it is the most favourable method and the one most in line with renewable energies. However, the disadvantage is that to establish it, you must make some reforms in the house.
  • Pellets: A renewable energy source obtained from organic materials and used to run stoves or boilers. Stoves are generally only used to generate heat and release heat through fans, so they only heat the space or place where they are placed.


Biomass heating is a very clean system, in terms of maintenance, it requires less cleaning than wood heating because it produces less ash.


  • Electric Radiators: This is a fairly inexpensive choice for your wallet, but yes, electric bills can be high in the colder months. They are very easy to install because they only plug into the socket, which also means we hardly need to maintain them.


However, one of their disadvantages is that their capacity does not allow them to heat very large spaces because the heat they generate will not radiate over long distances.

  • Air conditioning: The assembly of ducts or air conditioners that generate hot or cold air, makes it a method that can be used in winter and summer. They have inverter mechanismThey can also be installed individually in spaces that require more heat through pre-installation, or throughout the home.


This kind of heating provides instant heat and is recommended if you live in a temperate climate area. However, its disadvantage is that the air is very dry and consumes a lot of energy.

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