When undertaking a move, it is essential to organize everything accurately, as moving house does not only involve moving personal belongings from one home to another.

Around this activity, there are a lot of steps, which are necessary to carry out immediately (in some cases) and essential for the new living condition of the house.


What developments do I need to make before I start moving?


Bureaucratic procedures are one of the central chaos and entanglements we have to deal with when we are moving. Prepare a list of the most important services and the equipment that make up your home. Don't forget to call the different companies in order to cancel the contract, request a change of name or demand a new supply.

Among all the procedures that exist, the most crucial you can find are


  • Insurance company. Contact your insurance company to make the necessary corrections, and make the insurance of the new house specific.
  • Bank details. It is vital and primary to update and update the bank accounts, so as to avoid future shocks. Inform your banking affiliate of the transition of your home and it is not too much to check the cards you use as well.
  • Depending on where you are moving to, you may have to consider a new school and submit the compulsory registration for schooling.
  • Health center. You may also need to change your family doctor, so you will have to move to a new health center as well.
  • Telephony and internet. Get in touch with the internet or landline company and proceed with the change of address or make a portability of what you have contracted. Once the change has been checked, a professional from the sector will contact you within approximately 24 hours to validate and check that there are no inconveniences so that a change date can be set.
  • Power supply. This is one of the main tasks you will have to manage in your new home.


Power supply in a new house


Here, it should be noted that this can be done in different ways. To start with, we have to make sure that the light supply is active (of which only a change of name would be necessary) or that it has a low

If the house had no light, we'd have to proceed with a new discharge:


Light discharge

When we refer to register for use of electricityIn order to ensure that the information you provide is accurate, it is essential to check that you are dealing with a different procedure than if you are contracting an electricity tariff or a change of supplier. Therefore, it is necessary to point out that these are procedures that are energetically linked, but it is not the same thing.


home supplies after a move

home supplies after a move


The discharge of light is based on the operation of the power supply in a house that has no electricity.

One has to consider the circumstance in which the domicile is located.

  • There has never been a connection, since we are talking about a first occupation by new construction.
  • It has had energy before, but it has been discharged (they are classified as second-occupancy homes when we are going to proceed with the discharge)

The following is the amount of money that is shown on the electricity bill:

  • Extension fee: 17,37 Euro/kW + VAT
  • Access rights: 19,70 Euro/kW + VAT
  • Down payment fee: 9.04 euros + VAT

The distributor sets a specific period of time that covers 5 to 7 working days from the moment the application is processed.


Change of ownership of the electricity contract

Changing the holder of an energy contract is a simple procedure that can be carried out by making a phone call to the relevant marketing company. This procedure is completely free, and can be carried out as many times as necessary, without including any penalty by the marketing company.

The name change takes place when the house where we are going to move has already been supplied with electricity. Thus, the contract passes to the name of the new tenant or owner and from that moment on he will be in charge of the payment of consumption made in the next bills.

It is important to make this change perfectly, as the person responsible for paying the receipts would still be the former owner, even though he does not live in the house. For that reason it is necessary to count that the term that is regulated for this procedure is of 15 to 20 working days.

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