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When you decide to emigrate for any reason, be it politics, education, family improvement, etc., the best way is to do it in a legal way in order to have access to the different benefits that the place we have chosen as destination can offer us. In Barcelona it is possible to make the registration to the register of inhabitants in the city council. In this way you are certified as a resident inhabitant of the city of Barcelona.

In order to know how to register in Barcelona it is important to have your identity card in force, however, there are different options depending on the case of people who wish to register. For example, if they are of legal age it is different from if they are minors, since the latter must have the authorization of their legal representatives.


Benefits and advantages of registering in Barcelona

When you apply to register in Barcelona you will have access to benefits in the field of public health, as you will be able to go to it in the event of an accident or if you have symptoms of any illness, discomfort that requires medical assistance, go to a public hospital or the nearest medical outpatient clinic.

Other benefits of being registered can have when you ask for work, because you will have more advantages than those who are not registered. You can also get a driver's license if he's registered.

Minors who wish to study here can opt for many more benefits once they are registered with the municipality. This procedure must be performed by your parents or legal guardians. You can apply for scholarship programs offered by some institutions to help some outstanding students and thus not fall behind in something as important as education.


How to carry out the procedure?

To carry out this procedure you must have certain documents, obtain the necessary forms and then go to the town hall.


Necessary documents

The documents you need to register in the city of Barcelona are:

  • Application form or registration form, this document can be found in an office or online.
  • A document that proves your identity, both the original and the copy. It can be a passport, ID card, residence card or similar.
  • A document that justify your addresswhether you are renting, for which you will need a rental contract or authorization signed by the owner, both the original and a copy, as if you are the owner of the property, for which you will need the contract of sale in original and copy.
    • If you are residing somewhere without a contract, because you live with a family member or friend, or some similar condition, you will need a copy of the Nota Simple. The owner must apply on the website of the municipality, the cost is 20 euros and takes about 3 days to be ready, (offer an express delivery for about 26 euros). And besides that, don't forget a copy of the owner's ID.


Where should you go?

There are three different ways you can do the paperwork.


Online Application

To apply online you must fill out the application form for registration on the website of the city of Barcelona. Then you will receive by ordinary mail a document with instructions on how to fill in the form and the documents that you must also send by ordinary mail.

Once the process is complete, you will receive by post a proof of your registration in the municipal census.


Request by phone

To start the procedure you must call the information and procedure telephone number of the Barcelona City Council, "010". There you will tell them your details and the procedure will continue as in the previous case, with the sending of the documentation by ordinary mail.


Request for face-to-face form

Request your appointment on the Barcelona City Council website; on the day you are assigned you will have to go with the documentation indicated above.

Any of these three procedures will allow you to obtain your census in the city of Barcelona and start enjoying all the benefits.


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