Barcelona has many good things for visitors and one of them is its excellent cuisine, something that is impossible to ignore.

The gastronomic capital of Spain, attracts thousands of tourists every year, who are ready to enjoy the best dishes.

Next, we will introduce you to the 5 oldest restaurants in Barcelona:


Old San Rafael House

In the upper part of Barcelona, in Major de Sarrià street, is located the Antiga Rafael Housewhich has been in the same family since it opened in 1873.

From generation to generation, customs and values have been transmitted, to maintain an excellent line of culinary tradition

Additionally, several innovative techniques have been added to achieve a high quality in their dishes.

This classic restaurant belongs to the history of Barcelona, which has been visited for many years. It's a trip to the past!


Restaurant 7 Portes

This 7 Portes restaurant is located in Passeig d'Isabel II, Barcelona, and opened its doors in 1836, thanks to Joseph Hifre, an influential Catalan businessman in the first half of the 19th century.

The richest Catalan of the time, he moved his house and office to a new building and decided to put a luxurious café there.

This café had 7 doors for visitors and an additional door for employees only. Today, the restaurant is famous for its rice dishes.

Since its inauguration, politicians and intellectuals have been sitting at its tables, enjoying good food.

When this restaurant became the property of the Parellad family, it became a meeting place for experienced gourmets.

During its 176 years of uninterrupted existence, the restaurant has never betrayed its aristocratic style, which captivates and attracts visitors.

The menu offers the best dishes of Catalan cuisine, fabulous paellas and wonderful wines, to enjoy in their classic rooms.


Xarina Lime

This restaurant Can Xarina is located in Carrer Major, Collsuspina, Barcelona. It's a beautiful mansion built in the style of the Gothic Renaissance in 1550. Here you can experience the best flavours of traditional Catalan cuisine.

This restaurant is distinguished by offering local and seasonal products, so the ingredients of the dishes are fresh and high quality. The mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, peas, artichokes, among others, stand out.


Can Culleretes

This Can Culleretes restaurant was built in the year 1786 and is located on Quintana Street, in the 11th century security tower, in the popular Gothic Quarter of Barcelona (historic centre).

This is a classic Spanish restaurant, which is enjoyed by locals and high-class tourists. Here you will find an old Castilian setting, with a large number of photographs of famous visitors, along with high quality national cuisine.

It is worth mentioning the grilled fish, vegetable cakes with mushroom sauce, beef with green pepper and the most exclusive wines of the city.

There's a cult respect for regular customers here, so you'll want to make sure you become one of them.

The restaurant is a favorite place for dinners of the local elite, as well as for high level tourists, who are willing to pay the costs, for the best dishes of the national cuisine.

The continuity here is visible in everything, including the best old recipes and great respect for the customers.


Cafe de l'Opera

This popular restaurant on La Rambla, was opened in 1929 and is considered the only dining room preserved from the early twentieth century.

Inside the restaurant, there is a century-old atmosphere, creating a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

To appreciate it, it is not necessary to have lunch or dinner there, just a cup of coffee.

This restaurant is considered, as one of the favorites by tourists when visiting Barcelona.

Because it was located directly in front of the opera house, aristocratic youth often gathered there.

In the restaurant you will be able to contemplate the invariable design of 100 years ago, a complete peace and quiet and a comfortable terrace with views of La Rambla.


Don't miss the 5 oldest restaurants in Barcelona

You already know some of the oldest restaurants in Barcelona. All of them are classics and appreciated by Spaniards and foreigners alike, who come to the capital of Catalonia.

These restaurants have gained notoriety due to the good traditional homemade food they offer, together with the best wines, the excellent service, the experience and the history.

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