When you make the decision to leave your home country to move to another city, you begin to enter fears, doubts and vertigo to make a mistake. If you also have to make the decision as a family, everything becomes more difficult.

The truth is that moving to another city, probably along with buying a first home, can be one of the most difficult decisions for a family. The decision you make with confidence will mark the present and future of family life.

Whether it goes well or badly, it can influence the future relationship your family maintains. For this reason the decision is not trivial and requires a meditated decision, and consensual by all.

Once the decision has been made and you decide to move to another city as an expatriate, you should look for a relocation agency to help you in the relocation process in the new city.

Whether you decide to come to Barcelona as an expatriate or as a family adventure, a Barcelona relocation service will help you in the process and make your landing in Barcelona comfortable and successful.

Relocation agencies there are many, but in Cat Real Estate Relocation we guarantee you seriousness and honesty in the whole process. We get involved with our clients, and we are your travel companion during the relocation process in Barcelona.


We treat each other from person to person, because that's how we like to be treated when we go to another city.

Moving to another city is a great family opportunity to start a new stage. The expatriate and his/her family will experience new experiences and you have to be sure to choose someone you trust to help you through the process.


Are you coming to Barcelona? Our services of RELOCATION Barcelona in pack format

The search for housing is key to a successful stay in Barcelona. What better than a company like Cat Real Estate that has been a real estate consultancy for more than 15 years, with its own real estate portfolio, and its own panel of investors with real estate assets ready to be rented.

You need to know that there are three types of rentals in Barcelona: Tourist rentals, seasonal rentals and long-term rentals.

  • The first of the three, tourist rental, is considered when you are in Barcelona for less than 31 nights. I understand that if you come as an expatriate to Barcelona you will come for more than 32 nights, therefore this type of rental would not apply to you.
  • If, on the other hand, you spend up to 6 months at home, you can make a seasonal contract, which does not allow you to register, and rentals are usually more expensive. Its advantage is that the rental fee includes supplies and all extras, so you only pay a fee and you don't have to worry.
  • If the duration of your trip to Barcelona is more than 6 months, you can now look for an apartment with long-term rental, covered by the LAU (law of urban leases). That means that you will be able to register, and have a series of benefits, which I will explain later.


As you can see, the search for a property is a laborious process that demands that you consult with a company that knows the sector, and that better than we who have been in the real estate sector for more than 15 years and are experts in Barcelona Property.

The legal part and advice on contracts with Cat Real Estate Relocation is also guaranteed, thanks to the legal team of the company.

Another key service that will mark the success of your stay in Barcelona will be the choice of the school that best suits your family's needs.

There are three types of schools in Barcelona: public schools, charter schools and private schools.

  • The first, the public schools are focused on basic education where languages barely weigh.
  • The second ones, the concerted schools, we found an important variety, being key the knowledge of the sector and the different types. There are those who ponder religion more than languages, others who invest more time in science than in letters. The cast is very large and you have to know how to take advice.
  • Finally the private schools, there is an important variety weighing heavily the languages and the sciences. There are Swiss, Italian, English, American, ... schools, each with its own particularities. In this case, as in the case of the agreed, good advice is fundamental for the success of the family.


Other RELOCATION services that will help you settle in Barcelona

The process is long and there are also other relocation services Barcelona that you will need such as registration in the municipal register of the district, necessary if you have an employment contract and are a tenant of an apartment with a long-term contract.

With the census you will be able to access a series of advantages offered by the town hall, and you will be able to use services such as bicing, access to public kindergartens, access to public schools, access to a health card, and many other advantages that we will explain to you.

If you start living in a new home, you will have to register your water, electricity, gas and Internet supplies. They are cumbersome services to register if you do not know the methodology and internal processes of the companies. We know them well.

As you can see fundamental relocation services for the success of the expatriate you have to trust them in a relocation agency that helps you and gives you the peace of mind that they know the city and offer you the confidence to be doing the job well done.

There are other services that will help you make family life more comfortable, such as setting up a bank account, advice on taking out medical insurance, language courses, finding domestic assistance, moving management, cleaning, finding a gym and others.


At Cat Real Estate Relocation we can guarantee that we know what we're doing, we're trustworthy, and you won't make a mistake if you select us to help you relocate to Barcelona.

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Specialists in RELOCATION services in Barcelona.

Come to Barcelona with one of our management packages. There are no commissions.

Enjoy your stay with your family accompanied by the Cat Real Estate Relocation team.



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